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Let's talk about poultry: the new HIPRA's podcast channel on poultry diseases


Welcome to our new podcast channel on poultry diseases!


The aim of this project is to provide information on immunological, intestinal and respiratory health so as to achieve the best strategies for the control of the most significant diseases of poultry.

This new podcast channel will feature poultry veterinary experts from HIPRA, who will provide us with updates on the causes, symptoms and possible treatments to help with the prevention of these diseases.

let's talk about poultry diseases

Click on the banner and listen to the first Spanish episode “Nuevas tendencias en el control de enfermedades respiratorias en aves” by the hand of Juan Luis Criado and Pablo Gambini.



We hope that this series of podcasts will be of great benefit to everyone who has an interest in the welfare of birds.

Thank you for joining us!