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Origins Programme

Rearing animals without antibiotics is now possible

HIPRA, as the reference in prevention for Animal Health, has dedicated its best efforts to the development of ORIGINS®, a pioneering comprehensive consultancy programme designed to create plans of raising livestock animals efficiently and competitively, without antibiotics or coccidiostats.


Current situation

The excessive use of antibiotics as preventive therapy in animal production has contributed to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Consequently, treatments with antibiotics cannot be effective when they are necessary.


Awareness of this problem is increasing within the scientific community and governments, and the European Union, Canada and the United States are therefore publishing rules limiting the use of antibiotics in order to reduce antimicrobial resistance.

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the food products that they consume, in terms of their origin, how they are produced, and above all, how safe they are. 


HIPRAstats: biostatistics and probability

ORIGINS® is based on the identification of the factors that are key for production without antibiotics. This allows the classification of the farms in a company with the highest statistical probability of producing animals without using antibiotics or coccidiostats. Achieving this objective can also improve the overall results of the company, as it will identify strengths and weaknesses.

The project is backed by the HIPRAstats programme, which uses biostatistics and multivariate analysis to support the decision-making process.

ORIGINS® is a project designed by HIPRA that is suitable for poultry, swine, ruminants and fish.


HIPRAstats: a unique predictive mathematical model

HIPRAstats is the heart of ORIGINS®, and it is what differentiates this programme from any other in livestock production without antibiotics.


HIPRAstats is a service provided by HIPRA, which develops a unique predictive mathematical model for the producer. It is managed by epidemiologists who combine mathematical and statistical knowledge with experience of animal production.


The Process, once the producer has joined ORIGINS®

This is the process, implemented by HIPRA, once the producer has joined the ORIGINS® programme:


Benefits of implementing ORIGINS®

Implementation of the ORIGINS® programme in livestock companies offers benefits at different levels:


  • Production of farm animals without the use of antibiotics and coccidiostats in an efficient and competitive way.
  • Optimisation and improvement of the zootechnical and productivity results of the integration.


  • Improves yield and quality of the carcass in the slaughterhouse.
  • Diversification of products provides added value.
  • Certification option.


  • Meets the demands of consumers and governments by reducing the use of antimicrobials and, as a result, resistance.