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"Coliday": Innovating in Pig Intestinal Health Training


HIPRA has launched "Coliday," an educational programme designed exclusively for veterinarians focusing on enhancing digestive health in swine. This initiative, which reaffirms its commitment to the swine health sector and has enjoyed significant interest and participation across the various countries in which it has been implemented.

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The "Coliday" programme refers to the Escherichia coli bacteria, addressing its role in neonatal diarrhoea and Oedema diseases. Unlike the courses offered by HIPRA University courses, this programme, this program is shorter in duration and with a sharp focus on the E. coli bacteria. 

The new programme encompasses specialised training, providing a vital space for generating synergies between HIPRA's digestive vaccines, and offers a unique opportunity for veterinarians in the sector to share experiences and participate in discussions centred around intestinal health.

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So far, different "Coliday" sessions have been successfully conducted. in Spain, an edition took place within the framework of the National Swine Congress ANAVEPOR held in A Coruña, and in other countries such as Italy (for Chiola Group, Piemonte) and Denmark (for LVK, Hobro), various training sessions have been organised with the key clients.

The "Coliday" initiative stems from the success of the SUISENG® Diff/A vaccine launch in 2021 and its addition to the existing SUISENG® Coli/C and VEPURED® vaccines. This has established HIPRA as the industry leader in controlling neonatal diarrhoea and other intestinal diseases during the pig fattening stage.

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