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HIPRA PHILIPPINES organizes the HIPRA UNIVERSITY “New breeding techniques to improve pig production”

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From the 6th to 8th of March, HIPRA Philippines organized 3 events, in the areas of Luzon and Mindanao, the ones locating the main population of pigs in the country. 

After the opening by the local team and expressing their happiness of meeting all the colleagues in the sector, the main lecture was given by Antonio Vela. He is co-founder of Thinkinpig, a Spanish pig veterinary consultancy and professor in the Veterinary University of Zaragoza. The title of his presentation was “Looking for the production efficiency. New targets in production system”

It was divided in two parts, the breeding, and the farrowing processes. The introduction of new techniques, the key aspects to wean high quality piglets, and main production indicators were presented. 


Later on, Joaquín Miguel, Global Product Manager presented “The Sow, the Key to Healthy Piglets” offering HIPRA’s solutions in the area of sows’ vaccines.

Although the local pig industry is being hitted by the African Swine Fever, the producers are showing a great resilience and willing to improve the efficiency in their farms. As a sign of that, was the great attendance and the number of questions to the speakers


With this initiative HIPRA Philippines reinforces its commitment as a partner for the local pig producers.