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HIPRA participates at the International Poultry and Pig Show 2024 in Japan


HIPRA made its debut at the 10th edition of the International Poultry & Pig Show (IPPS) 2024 held in Nagoya from April 24th to 26th. This marked the first appearance of HIPRA Japan as an exhibitor, showcasing its offerings through both a booth presence and an oral presentation.

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The HIPRA booth served as a dynamic platform to introduce the company, its diverse range of products, and the comprehensive suite of services it provides. Among the showcased swine products were UNISTRAIN® PRRS, VEPURED® and RHINISENG®, drawing considerable interest from attendees. Particularly, Hipradermic® garnered significant attention, attracting numerous visitors keen to explore it. 

Besides, for the poultry segment, attendees got a sneak peek at EVANT® and EVALON®, slated for launching in Japan in May. Overall, the booth emerged as a focal point for IPPS attendees, drawing them in with innovative products and cutting-edge services.

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Furthermore, Mayu Shibata, Technical Services Swine at HIPRA Japan, delivered a lecture addressing two crucial topics: “Domestic case studies of VEPURED® (An edema disease vaccine)” and “Advantages of using an intradermal needle-free dosing device”. 

Moreover, Ong Shyong Wey, Regional Technical and Marketing Manager Poultry at HIPRA, deliver a couple of lectures: “Damage due to chronic coccidiosis and measures taken around the world: EVANT®, a coccidiosis live vaccine” and “Damage due to E. Brunetti and measures taken against it: EVALON®, a coccidiosis live vaccine”.

The participation of HIPRA at the IPPS marks an exciting milestone in its journey in Japan. The event provided an opportunity to connect with producers and veterinarians from across Japan, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and the establishment of valuable networking connections. As HIPRA continues to make its mark in Japan, events like IPPS serve as pivotal platforms to showcase its expertise and strengthen its presence in the region.