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Hipraject® device

Hipraject® is an intelligent vaccination device, specifically for subcutaneous vaccination, that has been developed by HIPRA for the correct application of Gumbohatch® vaccine

Hipraject® offers greater precision in vaccinationlow maintenance for the operator in the hatchery and traceability thanks to Hipralink® Vaccination.


Hipraject improvements:

1. Precise dosing throughout the vaccination process:

Thanks to the electric triggers and the air droplet detector inside the vaccine circuit, achieving precise dosing with each inoculation and throughout the vaccination process of 0.2 ml of vaccine dilution.

2. High quality vaccination process:

Thanks to the vaccination rate being controlled by the electric triggers, which do not allow the needle to be ejected as long as the piston is not fully loaded with vaccine.

And also thanks to the anti-error positioning of the vaccination needle. As well as automatic programming of the penetration depth of the needle into the chick, according to the age of the batches of breeders.


3. Traceability of the vaccination process:

Thanks to Bluetooth communication technology between the teams and IoT communications between Hipraject® and Hipralink® Vaccination.


This project has been cofunded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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