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Hipralink Diagnos
HIPRAlink® Diagnos

HIPRAlink® Diagnos is the application developed by HIPRA that is an essential support tool for field veterinarians who wish to have a quick and reliable diagnosis through the most modern laboratory techniques and artificial intelligence. Anytime, anywhere.


With HIPRAlink Diagnos you may:

1. Have a convenient access to HIPRA's diagnostic service reports with or without an Internet connection (without connection, through the app).

hipralink diagnos

2. Obtain imaging diagnosis through artificial intelligence (AI). Our AI Diagnos solution automatically scores tissue lesions and may help you check your farm’s health situation.

(This option is currently available in certain countries for swine species).

hipralink diagnos


3. Manage your account information:

  • The farms which your company works with
  • The users and permissions for their access to your company’s information
  • Customisation of your account
hipralink diganos

HIPRAlink® Diagnos is available for smartphones and tablets:


  Download for iOS

  Download for Android


And for laptops or desktops in a browser version:​

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