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HIPRA Stats for Poultry

Transforming data into competitive improvements

HIPRA Stats for Poultry is a data analysis service that poultry companies can use to optimize their sanitary and production efficiency, thus improving the economic performance of their farms.

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HIPRA Stats for Poultry helps companies identify areas for improvement in their production processes, as well as predict or simulate indexes that interest them.

Data analysis in poultry farming represents a clear competitive advantage by being able to formulate action plans and take preventive or corrective measures in an efficient manner.

These are some examples of studies conducted by the HIPRA Stats unit:


Vaccine performance evaluation

  • Coccidia vaccination analysis: To demonstrate the benefits in the main productive parameters when using HIPRA's Coccidia vaccines (EVANT® and EVALON®) compared to other strategies available on the market, as a result of the improvement in intestinal health provided and the decrease in antibiotic consumption

  • Gumboro vaccination analysis: To evaluate the productive and economic impact of using the HIPRA Gumboro vaccine (GUMBOHATCH®) against other IBD vaccines available on the market.


Customized analysis

  • Improvement in the quality of 1-day-old chicks: This type of study evaluates the different factors that can affect the quality of 1-day-old chicks, from breeders and especially during the whole process of storage and egg incubation until the arrival of the animals at the farm.

  • Incubation performance analysis: This type of study evaluates incubation results considering different incubator parameters.

  • Other customized studies:

    • Reduced mortality among broilers in the first week.

    • Reduced seizures in slaughterhouses.

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