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Experiences Challenge: Coccidiosis Vaccination Broilers



Coccidiosis vaccination in commercial broilers is a growing trend worldwide. The main reason for this is the better and more efficient productive performance with attenuated coccidiosis vaccines, in continuous or rotation strategies, compared to the only use of anticoccidial drugs.

Additionally, there is an increased emphasis on the One Health strategy and the Non-antibiotic-ever movement to reduce the use of antibiotics, such certain anticoccidial drugs with antibiotic effect, in poultry livestock.

As a result, new vaccines against avian coccidiosis, attenuated by precociousness, specifically developed for spray or in-ovo administration, are becoming a good alternative to control this challenging disease.

challenge coccidiosis vaccination broilers


The objective of this scientific Challenge is to showcase the performance of attenuated by precociousness coccidiosis vaccines administered through spray or in-ovo injection on commercial broiler farms by means of field data (hereinafter the "Data Trial"). 

The top 3 Data Trials will be selected for submission as abstracts at the 2025 AAAP Annual Meeting1. The author/s of each selected trial will be rewarded with the opportunity to attend the event, which will take place in July 2025 in the city of Portland (USA), as presenters candidates (either through a poster or an oral presentation).

coccidiosis vaccination challenge


The Challenge is open to avian veterinary surgeons, practitioners and/or other poultry professionals.

Any questions in connection with the Challenge shall be addressed to indicating as subject CHALLENGE COCCIDIOSIS VACCINATION BROILERS.